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Clark French

Barbara Clark, EdD

Dr. Clark is a working artist and has exhibited her work at many galleries and museums both local and national including the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, CT and Slater Museum in Norwalk, CT.

Dr. Barbara Clark is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) in New Britain Connecticut and currently serves as the Elementary Education Program Coordinator. Her research of aesthetic education has contributed to the CCSU University, Museum, Community Collaborative and numerous community engagement events that addressed the homeless initiative in the city of New Britain, the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, and the local park watershed pollution. Dr. Clark brings her education classes to the surrounding community schools to co-teach with children. An aesthetic lens such as dance, masks, visual art, and theatre focuses on various social and ecological issues the children face in their community.

Dr. Clark’s work in the New Britain Public Schools was recognized by the Board of Education and has received over the past three years awards for Contribution to the Fine Arts Programs, Service to Youth and Friend of the Schools. Dr. Clark has participated in the Excellence in Teaching program at CCSU, nominated for the Honor Roll and was a finalist in 2009.

She has published her research in the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Critical Issues in Education, International Journal of the Inclusive Museum, Journal of Religion and Education and the Forum on Public Policy Issue of Child Psychology, Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford. She has presented at numerous conferences nationally and internationally. Dr. Barbara Clark is coauthoring a book with Dr. Joss French titled, Hearts and Minds Without Fear: Unmasking the Sacred in Teacher Preparation.

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James Joss French, PhD

Dr. James Joss French is an Assistant Professor of  Teacher Education at Central Connecticut State  University (CCSU) in New Britain, Connecticut. In  educators, he sees opportunity for social and ecological  change, and aims to foster educators’ aspiring and  enduring commitments to serve as transformative  change agents for their students. Providing a platform  for his teacher education students to collaboratively  address critical issues in communities and schools, he  seeks to engage effective instructional leaders in their  current and future elementary school classrooms, as  well as beyond into their larger learning communities.

 Dr. French’s place-based and eco-social justice education work has contributed CCSU’s University sustainability research and diversity initiatives as well as numerous community engagement events  addressing the homeless initiative in the city of New Britain, the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, and  professional development work as co-director & partnership coordinator for an environmental  studies elementary magnet school. Impacting pre-service and in-service teacher cultural  competence, understanding of larger social and ecological issues and pedagogical development, his  teaching has been recognized by multiple consecutive Excellence in Teaching Honors at CCSU and  New Britain District’s Board of Education.

 Examining how his teacher education students within an eco-social justice framework can redefine  and evaluate definitions and applications of teaching and learning for their practice, pedagogy and  curricula, Dr. French has published his research in The Journal of Ecopedagogy, Journal of  Religion and Education, Critical Questions in Education, New England Reading Association  Journal, and Multicultural Perspectives. He has presented his work at numerous conferences  nationally and internationally. Dr. Joss French is coauthoring a book with Dr. Barbara Clark titled, Hearts and Minds Without Fear: Unmasking the Sacred in Teacher Preparation.


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